Ohtsuka's supporting cloth for car seat plays a vital role in creating your comfortable driving experience.

Why does a car seat need supporting cloth ? You may not even realize, but actually you are sitting on Ohtsuka's products ! Our non-woven supporting cloth plays a significant role in;
1. Giving the comfortness while driving by protecting poly urethane.
2. Reducing noise, which is quite important especially for quiet cars like EVs.

Are you having any troubles ?

We are looking for someone who has both Molding/Cut and Saw
Capability but can't find them...

It'd be great if a supplier could do both English and Japanease spoken/written communication...

We don't know if someone can do molding for a wide variety of materials... who should we talk ?

You have one answer. Ohtsuka America.

Our Key Technology




Company Information

Ohtsuka America, Inc.

Address : 39555 Orchard Hill Place Suite 600,
Novi, Michigan ZIP 48375

President : Motoyoshi Ohtsuka
(Based in Japan)

Vice President : Hitoshi Furukawa
(Based in the U.S.)

Parent Company : Ohtsuka Sangyo Material Co.,Ltd.

History of Ohtsuka in Japan

Did you know that Ohtsuka has more than 300 years history in Japan ?  Yes, I'm not kidding. 300 years! Even though Ohtsuka America was just established in the U.S. in 2022, Ohtsuka has been playing continuous roles in providing wide ranges of products and services depending on consumer's wants and needs. For the whole history of Ohtsuka, we encourage you to hit the button below !